The AnyTray Denesting System is made to meet Your specific requirements

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We have the solution for You 

Do you want us to only denest your tray?

If you only want us to denest your tray, this will be the product you need: 

The AnyTray Denester can be mounted on different equipment, such as a Rack, or a Buffer. 

This Solution will let You find the best way to place Your Denesting Equipment, to fit perfectly into Your production. 

All Solutions will be custom made, and fitted to commence exactly Your demand and tray

The System is able to handle trays of different sizes and shapes and always made to fit your exact requirements.


  • Max capacity is up to 120/150 trays per minute, depending on tray shape and size
  • Easily integrated in existing production/packing lines
  • Includes an intelligent electrial control system
  • Manual refilling of trays into the AnyTray Denester
  • Max tray size is 265 x 325 mm
  • Few moving parts, lov maintance costs
  • Hygienic design
  • Easy, one-minute switch between different tray sizes
  • Cost effective from day one
  • Handcrafted in Denmark


Do you want us to denest your tray, and transport it to your operators for manually packing?

The ultimate packing system for you who need us to denest your tray and transport it to your operators for manually packing.

The Ultimate product for your needs



ANYTRAY - Automatic and manual packing line from SIGNAfilm on Vimeo.

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