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Our specialized palletizing, hotels and elevator department is in Kristiansund, Norway. We create custom solutions for sorting of products according to type before palletizing.

In addition, we offer elevators for handling of pallets between decks as well as for optimized unloading of cargo. This creates fully automated solutions for complete onboard fish processing factories and land factories.

This department is a key driver in delivering a complete processing plant for our customers and the unique layer palletizing ensures that the catch is safely stored even during rough weather.

In 2018 Holmek Palletering AS became a part of Carsoe. Our headquarter is located in Aalborg, Denmark and beside from Norway, we also have divisions in England and the US. We work closely to design and produce a high-quality solution for customers around the world. 


Carsoe NO
Sørlia 1

6520 Frei Kristiansund
Tel: +45 98 24 26 24