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Our headquarter is located in Aalborg, Denmark. Here we have our largest production facilities and many of our food processing solutions are made here.

Carsoe designs and produces products for the food processing industry.

We design and build our processing equipment inhouse with a wide range of specialized departments through construction, manufacturing, installation, and after-sales service.


Carsoe is your international partner for creative and functional solutions for the food processing industry. 

Our knowledge goes back to 1976 and we use our many years of experience to design the best solutions for our customers. We design and produce a wide range of solutions, available as standard or custom made to fit your needs, all handcrafted in Denmark according to our strict Danish quality standard.

Carsoe A/S
Mineralvej 6-8
DK-9220 Aalborg
Mail: info@carsoe.com /  sales@carsoe.com    
+45 98 24 26 24





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