New light-weight tray denester optimizes your production capacity


The new AnyTray LeanOne denester from Carsoe, weighing only 9,4 kg., eases the workload for your employees, and makes it much easier to handle and change denester cassette into your production line. The innovative LeanOne ensures a highly efficient tray denesting, that will increase your production capacity and ensure a reliable solution.


An all-time low

With a weight of only 9,4 kg LeanOne series is the lightest denester solution to date. LeanOne is the new addition to the AnyTray denesting product range. “Our main goal has been to keep the weight down while creating a solution that is very easy for the operator to handle,” says Jess Kristensen, Sales & Business Manager at Carsoe. He has been one of the key drivers in developing this new product and is very excited to present this new development to food manufacturers all over the world.

The height of the LeanOne denester also sets the record for the lowest denester on the market. 110 mm height measurement is a significant reduction compared to other denester solutions. This denester solution will therefore optimize your storage capacity as it simply takes up less storage space.


Bullet-proof handling

In addition to the lightweight solution, the AnyTray LeanOne is also equipped with a very simple mechanism for changing the cassette. “It is bullet-proof and very cost-effective, Jess Kristensen elaborates, “This means less heavy-lifting for your production workers and makes it much faster to change tray sizes in your production lines”.


Low-stacking raises the bar for production capacity

LeanOne offers another major advantage. The unique low-stacking technology increases the packaging capacity. The environmental demands to reduce packaging and create more compact solutions has resulted in an 67% increase in the number of trays in a stack from some tray suppliers. LeanOne easily handles the compact and thus significantly heavier stacks.

These environmental demands will undoubtedly continue to increase. Choosing a AnyTray LeanOne denester for your production ensures, that you are ready for the future.


More information needed?

Visit the buffer product page to learn more about the specifications. If you have any further questions or need a more in-depth dialogue about how to create the best AnyTray LeanOne solution for your production, please do not hesitate to contact us.


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The new AnyTray LeanOne is a light-weight and compact solution for your production.
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