Carsoe and Scan American Corporation


Carsoe – a global food processing company – recently added plate freezing as part of the product portfolio through the acquisition of Freezertech.

Carsoe will now strengthen plate freezing solutions in the North America by entering into an agreement for all non-seafood products with US-based food processing specialist Scan American Corporation.

Scan American Corporation have vast experience in applying plate freezing solutions to the meat processing industry.

By forming this partnership, we can utilize the market knowledge and trough local presence develop customized solutions and long-term service and support. We look forward to assisting clients and feel free to contact us for further information.


Currently Carsoe and Scan American are showcasing our technology at the IPPE show in Atlanta, feel free to stop by booth 6253.


Magnus Fossheim, +45 4041 6444,

Aaron Chabino, +1 816 674 1491,