Carsoe Retail sold to Multivac


As of August 1st Carsoe Retail has been sold to Multivac Retail. The Retail division was focused on sale and service of processing equipment for Danish butchers, and the Carsoe business has moved in a different direction. 

The current Carsoe Retail agencies will be added to Multivac’s existing product range. Ole Winkler, Sales Manager for Carsoe Retail is also transferring to Multivac Retail and will continue to service the customers in his new role. “It is pretty much business as usual for our customers. The customer orders that have already placed orders at Carsoe will be delivered as agreed," Ole Winkler confirms.

The sale is natural result of Carsoes development. Jess Kristensen, Sales & Business Manager at Carsoe explains: “The retail division has become a small corner of the Carsoe company. Most of our business are now in our Seafood and Food divisions, where we develop and build everything from AnyTray tray dispensing solutions to complete processing plants. Therefore, it is a natural step in Carsoes further development to sell the Retail division to Multivac, who is a strong player in that market. In that way we can focus on our key business areas.”


It you have any questions, please contact us:

Carsoe: Jess Kristensen, Sales & Business Manager,, tlf. 4078 7979

Multivac Retail: Ole Winkler, Retail Sales Manager,, tlf. 4071 2898