Customized lifting solutions preserves fluids and reduces spillage


The HKV200 lift is flexible in many ways. With a strong basis, the model can be fitted with additional features. 

Right now, we are making the final adjustments on a customized solution for a food processing customer. This HKV200 lift is fitted with a fluid-proof gasket fitted onto the funnel to ensure that marinade used for the produce is contained within the bin.

This presents two major advantages for the customer:


1.Reduction of wastage

By preserving the marinade within the bin, our customer also significantly reduces the wastage from the production process. The marinade can be used for the next batch of produce, thus fully utilizing the produce.


2.Maintain a clean production area
The customized lifting solution ensures that the fluids are not spilled onto the production floor. This keeps the area clean and ensures a higher level of safety for the production workers. Furthermore, the reduced spillage optimizes production flow as it eases the cleaning routines.


Watch the video from our liquid test:


A versatile standard lift
The HKV200 is a fast runner in our lift assortment. It is used in production facilities around the globe and we produce around 250 units each year in countless customized variations. This lift model is a popular choice for our customers as it is flexible and can be designed to accommodate the production requirements. 

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