Flexible freezing with new Autofreezer design


With a newly released emptying system, the optimized design on the Carsoe autofreezer results in significant advantages. It eliminates all manual handling of the frozen trays and offers a flexible and reliable freezing solution for both onboard and landbased food processing factories.


The 4 major advantages of the newly designed Autofreezer are:


1: Optimized production flow

The new tray pusher can empty the autofreezer completely. The frozen products can be pushed out without adding new trays to the freezer. 
This ensures a customized and flexible production flow, where you are in full control. You decide when you want your product out.


2: Increased reliability

In the optimized design we focused on reducing the complexity in the pushing mechanisms. The new chain drive means fever moving parts and a substantial reduction of wear parts. The stabile and reinforced construction reduces your downtime and gives your production increased reliability.


3: Effective cleaning 

The complete emptying of the freezer without using empty trays allows for easy cleaning at any time and ensure a high hygiene level in your production.
The new chain pusher is made of 100% stainless steel making it easy to clean and ensure a safe environment for food production.


4: Space optimization

The design on the new autofreezer is compact. The pushing mechanism and all functionality is constrained within the frame of the freezer. 
This means, that the overall area needed for the freezer is reduced, thus making it easier to design the layout of the factory. 


A complete processing line

The autofreezer can be implemented in your existing production setup to optimize production flow and reduce manual handling. Also, Carsoes core competency is to deliver a turn-key solution, designing and producing your complete processing lines. We can handle your production from fresh product through processing, freezing, sorting and palletizing, until it is ready for shipment.

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Do you need help optimizing your Freezer setup?

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  Sales Engineer - Freezing solutions
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