More than 50 plate freezers to the Russian fishing industry

Carsoe delivers plate freezers to customers all over the world. Over the last 12 months, we have delivered more than 50 plate freezers to the Russian fishing industry.


The plate freezers are an important part of the processing plant. This space efficient freezing method ensures correct and efficient freezing of higher value products such as shrimp, fish fillets or roe. This maintains a high quality of the seafood products, thus resulting in higher revenue for our customers.


The continuous orders from our Russian customers is the result of intense collaboration between colleagues in three Carsoe locations. Our Seattle-based office is responsible for the customer contact and has been working closely with our Sales Engineer in the Danish headquarter. Our UK department contributes with valuable freezer knowledge as well as production of all Carsoe freezer solutions. This unique setup ensures a professional and high-quality solution for all global customers.

Learn more about our Freezing Solutions or contact Sales Engineer, Rasmus Jannick Bredahl Hansen: +45 3149 0308,