Online FAT-test was a success


A successful week of testing with remote access from our customer is coming to an end.

5 high-tech cameras, including a mobile unit, recorded the test, and the customer was pleased to see their equipment running smoothly. The test included a section of the hotel- and palletizing lines that are designed to handle surimi and fillet products on board the fishing vessel Arctic Fjord.

FAT-tests are an important part of our production setup. Usually our customers visit us to oversee the test themselves. Since that is not currently possible, we did a remote test to maintain our high-quality standards and ensure that the customer’s project is on track.

“The advantage of the online FAT-test is the ability to get a complete overview of the processing line from above as well as zooming in to specific details when needed” Jimmy Nielsen, Installation and Commissioning Manager explains. “As Carsoe deals with customers all over the world, we will definitely look into doing more remote testing in the future.”


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