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Carsoe Smart Line

Simple and effective onboard labelling and reporting

The factory management software is beneficial for fish processing vessels of all sizes and makes sure that you operate and control your entire production effectively. The Carsoe Smart Line setup ensures correct labelling of different species on one packing station. The Carsoe Smart Line has no yearly fees or license. It is a one-time-investment in optimizing your production with the mandatory labelling and easy reporting of catch and stock.


1. Have your catch packed, labelled and ready for sales when you reach port

2. Ensure data collection and full traceability throughout the production process 

3. Get real-time update on your catch status 

4. Increase product quality and factory efficiency





Integrated part of your factory

Get your entire factory from one supplier to optimize installation and programming. The labelling solution is an integrated part of our factory design and we install it along with the rest of your processing equipment. 

The system is custom designed to match the requirements of your factory. Whether it is on a newbuilt ship or a rebuild of your existing processing line, the factory management software will optimize your factory. We deliver a plug & play solution for you with customized product lists according to your requirements, making the system ready to go.


Traceability and reporting

Optimize your factory management with reports on catch, cargo, and yield. As a skipper you can access the daily report on tonnage caught in specific fishing grounds to report on your quota’s status.

In the production report the catch is weighed before and after filleting allowing you to adjust the production to optimize your yield. The required traceability is easily handled as the Lot and/or Batch number are automatically printed on the labels. 


No production stops 

The labelling system is designed with full back up using a UPS and a server setup. In case of power outage or network failure the Carsoe Smart Line labelling will continue to operate in an offline state and all records will be stored in the IPC/Touchscreen. When the connection to the server is re-established, the recorded data is sent back to server.

This means that your production is not delayed due to power outage, as this software and your data remains safe and accurate.

Operational features:

  • Batch total information directly on IPC/Touchscreen for individual products
  • Support for deleting records directly on IPC for individual products
  • Support for simple product lists. Record different species on one packing station
  • Support for multiple scales type. Can also run as fixed weight products

Technical features:

  • English, Russian, and Danish language support in Toggle mode. More languages can be added on request.
  • Full back-up with UPS and server setup means no loss of data due to ship blackout  
  • Offline operation mode in case of network failure
  • Custom built solution



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