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Carsoe Smart Line

Factory mangement software

Get valuable insight and better control of your processes with Carsoe Smart Line. The factory management software is beneficial for fish processing companies of all sizes and makes sure that they operate and control their entire production effectively. Ensuring data collection and full traceability throughout the production process, with thepossibility to increase overall product quality and factory efficiency.


Quality Control Station:

  • Quality Control with highly configurable Inspection list

  • Support for QC reporting

  • QC data saved historically for audit purpose

  • Can be standalone or part of a complete factory solution


Packing Station:

  • Simple Packing system with multiple products setup

  • Support for label printing

  • Support for reporting. Cargo Report, Production Report etc.

  • Simple traceability using Lot and/or Batch number

  • Can be an integrated part of a complete factory solution


Label Management:

  • Comply with the GS1 standard

  • Support for SSCC (Serial Shipping Container Code)

  • Option to design own labels

  • Support for QR or Data matrix barcodes


Performance and Cargo Report:

  • Using Trip and Tow feature ensures full control of the production
  • Tool for the Skipper to keep track on how much was caught in each tow
  • Keep full track on what is in the Cargo hold
  • Keep track on all products in the factory















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