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Carsoe and Freezertech have merged to provide the best freezing solutions on the market. There’s an ever-growing food processing industry and freezing plays a vital part in conservation of the products. Carsoe can utilize the extensive knowledge from food processing and combine this with high quality plate freezers to provide the most efficient plate freezer products on the market.

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So, why plate freezing? Most food products spoils easily because of a series of microbiological, chemical and physical processes that cause deterioration. This has a direct relation to temperature.

Therefore, rapidly lowering the temperature of the product to a point that stops microbial growth and slows chemical changes of the foods, is a critical element of maintaining the product value.

Plate freezing is widely regarded as the most efficient system to obtain this by lowering the product temperature rapidly to -18 C. Carsoe and Freezertech can provide the most efficient systems in the market and can modify these to any food/seafood product.

Vertical plate freezer

Our VPFs are typically used for the bulk freezing of ground products (MSM, Fish, Pet food, fruit etc.) and is a fast & easy way to form frozen food blocks with minimal handling. Fast and convenient loading & unloading make the VPF a popular choice for high production environments.

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Horizontal plate freezer

Our HPFs are normally used for the bulk freezing of higher value products (Fish fillets, Shrimp, Roe etc.) and represent a space efficient method of freeezing. Products are kept in original packaging format and loaded in suitable trays. A Stainless Steel framework as a standard makes the HPF perfect for high hygiene applications.

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Automatic horizontal freezer

The requirements for increased productivity and a reduction of the manual handling of frozen blocks are getting increasingly stringent in modern food industry. Carsoe and Freezertech have jointly developed a new automatic horizontal freezer. The infeed and outfeed of the freezer is handled automatic and designed with highest possible capacity and easiest maintenance in mind.

Vertical flat top freezer

VFT’s are a modified style of Vertical plate freezer with a “flat top” which offers greater hygiene, stronger design and importantly is ready for complete automatic unloading by way of a special crane system that does not require human intervention. They can be loaded and unloaded by hand still, making them ideal for companies which want to invest in automation later.

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Self contained plate freezer

The Freezertech PPF features the same popular Stainless Steel Horizontal Plate Freezer as our other models, wrapped in a 80mm thick insulated Cabinet with a Stainless Steel base frame underneath housing the refrigeration plant & hydraulics.
The refrigeration plant uses a pumpless overfeed design, which offers higher efficiency and more predictable results than DX, without the added complexity & space requirements of adding a liquid pump.

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Handling solutions – vertical and horizontal freezers

Carsoe have extensive experience within automation solutions for the food processing industry. This ranges from packaging, dispensing, loading, unloading, weighting, palletizing products in relation to freezing. Together with experts from freezing technologies, we can find the right automation setup for our clients.