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Horizontal Plate Freezer

Carsoe’s Horizontal plate freezers are world renowned for their strong, long lasting construction, with an ergonomic and hygienic design. 

The product is generally placed in heavy duty freezing trays before going in the pockets between the plates to be frozen. The horizontal plate freezer comes in a wide range of plate openings to accommodate various tray sizes. 


•    Double contact freezing – Higher efficiency
•    Stainless-steel execution – Long life
•    Highly customizable – Will fit into any production

Rapid freezing
The horizontal plate freezer enables rapid freezing of food products through its direct contact method of freezing, which offers a significant energy saving and reduced freezing time over traditional air blast freezers. 



High performance in close quarters
Horizontal plate freezers are significant in the fishing industry, where floor space is at a premium. The rapid dual contact freezing action is essential to avoid discoloration, enzymatic and cellular breakdown in the food products. 

Durable design
With a complete frame and cylinder in stainless steel, the plate freezers are designed for a long life in harsh environments and allows for easy cleaning of the machinery









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