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Palletizing and elevators


At Carsoe we design and build custom solutions for palletizing, elevators, and other automation solutions. These products are an integral part of our design for your seafood processing plant and allows for optimized handling of your catch. Reduce manual handling of your products with a automated processing plant design.  

  • The hotels lets you to continuosly sort your catch before automatically continuing to palletizing. This means no sorting of products in the cargo space or on land.
  • The palletizing ensures that our catch is safely stored in the cargo space. Our palletizing solution can wrap each layer individually to protect the products during high sea. 
  • The elevators offer easy transportation of the cargo between decks. Building elevators into your processing plant optimizes handling, space and offloading. 


We have put together the best of two worlds, our compact palletizers with Octopus stretch wrapping machine. The result is a robust machine of high quality that saves an enormous amount of space.

The machine has easy adjustment for the number of layers you want on the pallet and the number of rounds of stretch film. It also chooses which layer you want to add stretch film to. This makes sorting and changing the different products an easy job.

This is a perfect choice for palletizing aboard factory trawlers since we add stretch film while we palletize. 

Due to the integrated elevator, we apply stretch film on each layer of the pallet. This unique design prevents the products from falling during bad weather.


In addition to the palletizing machine, we also manufacture a pallet magazine for automatic stacking of pallets in automatic production lines. This reduces manual handling and optimizes your production flow.

The Carsoe pallet magazine can be designed to feed pallets into the palletizing machine from any side and can hold up to 20 pallets. 


We deliver hotels for sorting of different products in individual hotels. Our hotels are built for installation on board fishing boats and mounted in freezing rooms.

Using hotels enables you to store each product individually in a continuous flow as an integrated part of the production line.

When a hotel is full, the products will proceed to palletizing. Your products will thereby undergo automatic sorting, resulting in clean product pallets ready to be loaded into the cargo space.

When you reach port, the clean product pallets are ready for direct shipping. No need for handling or cold storage on land.


Quick and effective transportation of products between decks and automatic loading of pallets from factory to cargo. 

Add elevators to your palletizing line to further automate processes and save time and money on both manpower and handling. Integrated elevators also optimize space in your production

When reaching port, the automatic elevator solution can transport the products from the cargo room to the deck. The cargo can be offloaded using truck directly from the quayside. 

This significantly reduces the cost for manpower and handling for offloading. Offloading is much quicker and more efficient.

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