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Pollock & Surimi


When we design a fishing vessel for pollock & surimi with our customer, our focus is to create a value-added production with the optimal yield.  

We know how important it is to maintain the quality and freshness of the catch. A complete processing line from Carsoe offers an effective, gentle, and more automated handling of the fish. The machines on the line all have one thing in common: they are designed to withstand both rough weather and long-term use.

A modern fish factory consists of a wide range of machines for processing, handling, and freezing the fish. The machines below are our top choices for a state-of-the-art pollock & surimi fishing vessel.

Fish roller grader CS 1062

The CS 1062 roller grader for fish is perfect for fast, efficient grading of e.g. pelagic and round fish and highly suitable for very large capacities.

Carsoe Smart Batcher system

Carsoe´s Smart Batcher system ensure quick and accurate weigh outs of batches with round and H/G fish.

Candling tables

Well-designed candling tables ensure efficient and ergonomic inspection of fillets, including fillet spinners and blowers.

Mince packing line

Semi-automatic mince packing station with extruder horn for efficient and accurate weight outs of fish mince.

Roe Sorting line

Inspection line for picking roe and milt from guts, hereafter sorting line for grading of roe quality. Also automatic grading is available.

Surimi processing

Complete surimi processing with either screw press or decanter solution. We offer the highest quality of surimi processing equipment.

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