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Competitive processing of seafood takes experience and expertise - Carsoe has both. We have a long tradition of supplying complete, advanced plants for onboard as well as onshore processing of fish and shellfish.

Our valuable experience enables us to offer thoroughly tested turn-key solutions, based on continuous research and development of new technology for the next generation of trawlers.

We have equipped more than 200 factory trawlers with Carsoe processing plants and have a unique knowledge of various production systems and processes.



Carsoe is your market leading partner from start to finish. Beginning with a thorough evaluation of the production needs of a trawler, Carsoe ensures that the processing capacity and finished product are strictly in accordance with the individual requirements of each trawler. As market leader we know how important it is to be particularly attentive and accurate during our initial analysis of your needs. 

We take pride in a successful installation and test of your equipment followed up by training your employees in operating and maintaining the equipment. 



The requirements for increased productivity and a reduction of the manual handling are getting increasingly stringent in modern food industry. Providing an ergonomic working environment is a top priority today, and our focus is on optimization of all working operations involved in on-board processing.

With limited space on-board, our primary goal is to make the most of very compact arrangements, aiming at plant designs facilitating cleaning and for a high degree of automation for less labour-intensive production.

A daily contact with our customers has contributed to build up a unique knowledge of our customers various production systems and all the various production processes. 



Each trawler is unique and so is the processing plant design. We use our extensive knowledge from other projects to design the optimum flow for your production with automation as a main focus.

When your catch is processed and ready for freezing and storage, the catch is sent through an automatic flow. The assorted species are frozen in our automatic horizontal plate freezers, then sorted by species or quality in separate hotels before being palletized in clean pallets and sent to the cargohold using our integrated elevator solutions.





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